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Minutes and Agendas for Mid Essex




Survey 13th January 2011 13th January 2011 Charles Leeks House, Coggeshall Road, Braintree
17th February 2011 In Touch Support, Rosebery House, Chelmsford
8th April 2011 8th April 2011 Moot Hall, High Street, Maldon
Links to organisations 12th May 2011
4th August 2011 4th August 2011 Maldon Town Hall, Market Hill, Maldon
Minutes 30th June 2011 30th June 2011 Newport House, Hollycroft, Molrams Lane, Great Baddow
22nd September 2011 22nd September 2011 Charles Leeks House, 7 Coggeshall Road, Braintree
3rd November 2011 3rd November 2011 Newport House, Gt Baddow, Chelmsford
31st May 2012 31st May 2012 Maldon Town Hall, Maldon
18th July 2012 18th July 2012 Civic Centre, Chelmsford
20th September 2012 20th September 2012 Civic Centre, Chelmsford
22nd November 2012   Civic Centre, Chelmsford
24th January 2013 24th January 2013 Civic Centre, Chelmsford
21st March 2013 21st March 2013 Civic Centre, Chelmsford
  4th July 2013 Causeway House, Braintree
28th November 2013   Witham Library, 18 Newland Street, Witham

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