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Think Safe. Supporting people with a learning disability to keep safe. Home Safety
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Cold Callers

Survey Cold Callers
Cold Callers are people who come to your door that you do not know
Links to organisations
Minutes Spy hole
If you have a spy hole you should look through it to see who it is
Door chain
Put the door chain on before you open the door
Ask for ID
Always ask for the caller's I.D.
ID Badge
An Identity Card will have a photo of the caller, their name and place of work
Come back later
If you are not sure about the person at the door, ask them to come back another time when friends or family can be there
Do not give money
Don't sign any forms or give money to people you don't know
Do not open the door
If you are not sure, keep them out and don't open the door
Be Aware and Think Safe
Home Safety Phone Safety
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