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Hate Crime

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What is Hate Crime?

Hate Crime is any crime committed against you, because of your identity and the way you are
Links to organisations It can be:
Minutes bully People bullying you
being hit People hitting you
being sworn at People swearing at you
rude hand sign People using rude hand signs at you

All these people can experience Hate Crime:

disabled Disabled
Gay or Lesbian Gay or Lesbian
people of different race People of different race
different religions People who have different religions
learning difficulties People with Learning Difficulties
Older People Older People

What to do if we see or experience Hate Crime:

Police Report it to the Police so they can catch these people
Walk away Try and walk away so you do not get hurt
tell someone you trust Tell someone you trust
a safe place Go to a place where you feel safe. This could be a shop, the library or the police station

Tips to prevent Hate Crime:

lock Fit extra locks in your home
report it Write down any bad things that happen and report them to the police
lots of people Try to go out when lots of people are around
Acting confidently Try to act confident when you go out
tell someone you trust Tell your care worker, parent or advocate if you think you have experienced any hate crime
Hate Crime
Download the 'Think Safe - Hate Crime' leaflet
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