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Publications Through partnership collaboration and funding opportunities, the Be Safer Project has initiated a number of projects across the county, with the prospect of more to come.
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The Tri-Safe Project

Please see here for details of the Tri-Safe event on 10th November 2011
Razed Roof Everyday Lives Basildon Hate Crime Project
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Bloomin' Green

  For more information on the Bloomin' Green project, see details on Tendring District Council's website.

There are ways you can help too. Have a look at this poster.

  Bloomin Green Poster 2  

Here are the most recent photos from the Bloomin Green Team working hard

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Everyday Lives

Everyday Lives

Everyday Lives, Different Dimensions – South Essex

Everyday Lives, Different Dimensions is a photographic exhibition with a difference.  Designed as a touring exhibition to go across South Essex, the pictures celebrate how people with a learning disability participate in and contribute to the local community, at school, at work and at leisure, in their ‘everyday lives’.  Many of the photos have been taken by someone with a learning disability or learning difficulty.  Some have not.

By holding the exhibition in a variety of community venues across South Essex, the exhibition aims to bring awareness and better understanding of learning disability to a wider reach within our community.

Through positive visual images, Everyday Day lives demonstrates that it is society that disables an individual and not their disability and challenges us to examine our own perceptions of 'difference'.

People all over South Essex, individuals and organisations, have been engaged in taking photos and submitting them for the exhibition.  The Everyday Lives Project was also fortunate to have the support of professional styles and interiors photographer, Tobias Harvey. Tobias gave the project two days of his time to help people get started with taking photographs. From hundreds of photos sent in, 30 have been chosen to form the exhibition.  Shenfield High School and Endeavour School in Brentwood worked collaboratively to design a 15ft collage logo for the project. The photos and collage logo were launched on 10th November at Harlow Playhouse and will now be featured in venues across South Essex until March 2012.

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Basildon Hate Crime Project


Hate Crime Awareness Schools Workshops – Basildon and Districts

Working in partnership with Basildon Hate Crime Panel and New Generation Development Agency, Be Safer South Essex has funded the delivery of 70 workshops into secondary schools and other educational establishments in Basildon and surrounding districts.  These workshops help young people to understand what a hate crime is, how hate crime affects people, how it can destroy lives and how to report a hate crime.  The workshops also aim to raise awareness of the legal consequences of hate crime.
Facilitated by NGDA, the workshops are fully interactive and encourage discussion and thought around all aspects of hate crime, including disability hate crime.

Recently a Be Safer group member with a learning disability attended a workshop and spoke to the young people there about her own experiences of being bullied at school because she had a learning disability.  Hearing personal stories like this first hand has a great impact on those listening.

The workshop resource materials include a real life case study of a South Essex resident with a learning disability telling their story of how their life and health has been blighted by consistent bullying and verbal abuse that they are subjected to by people in the neighbourhood.

The original pilot for the workshops was carried out at James Hornsby School, Basildon and due to its success, the scheme was offered to other secondary schools in the area. It is anticipated that 70 workshops will be delivered to participating schools by March 2012.

Following on from the success of the workshops project in Basildon and districts, the South Essex Be Safer group has been awarded further funding and will be working with New Generation Development Agency and Castle Point and Rochford Councils to deliver 72 workshops to secondary schools in both districts.

The themes and feedback from the Hate Crime Awareness Workshops have been used to inform the Tri Safe project in which Razed Roof drama, Hate Crime workshops and Everyday Lives exhibition took part.
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Be Safer Essex website

Be Safer Essex Website

The Be Safer Essex website was created by Debbie Cole, IT Consultant, using funding from the Be Safer Project.

Debbie Cole

The website initially was designed on a small scale but its potential was realised by Debbie in consultation with people with a learning disability and their carers/support workers to create a user friendly website using Easy Read format and pictures.  The website links with other useful websites for example Essex Safeguarding Adults Board, AskSAL, partnership organisation which include Tendring Mental Health Support, Essex Police, Basildon and Thurrock Independent Advocacy Service, Independent Advocacy Service Castle Point Association of Voluntary Services and Essex County Council. It also provides access to the Think Safe Materials, the ability to automatically contact the Be Safer Website administrator via email.  Newsletters, meeting minutes and agendas are also stored as are an overview of all the past, present and future projects. This website is a continually evolving project and all additional relevant materials will be considered for uploading.

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Looking Good, Feeling Great

The Looking Good, Feeling Great Project is running in the NE of Essex.  The Be Safer Project together with Cambian Group, Colchester, the NHS, Health Access Champions and a professional Vogue photographer are running workshops for the Keep Safe Scheme, personal hygiene, sexual health, both male and female, menstruation, colours that suit them, applying makeup, oral hygiene and dressing in an appropriate fashion. 

The clients and staff have been up-cycling clothes, learning new skills such as using a sewing machine and hand stitching – some quite outlandish designs, but also suggesting styles that suit them and will prevent them being a target for abuse when out and about in the community. 

Unless they are given this information things won’t change for them. 

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A2B Project

A2B Project    

This project will involve a DVD being made by and for people with a learning disability and care/support staff exploring issues around independent travel on public transport.

The Be Safer survey results provided evidence that people are scared or anxious when either travelling on or waiting for public transport.

The project will therefore be addressing issues of safety when using public transport. It will address issues relating to awareness/perception of danger and threats. Creating a how-to guide to access public transport. How to access support when buying tickets, finding your way from A to B. Staying in touch, letting people know where you are. How to report abusive behaviour - who to tell?

The aim of the project is to encourage people with a learning disability to access more public transport, to challenge the perceived "danger" of buses, trains, bus-stops and train stations, as highlighted in the survey. To give LD people confidence and a 'toolkit' to go out into the community and to travel safely.

A secondary aim is through making a film, will be to raise public awareness of people with a learning disability in the community, to challenge stereotypes and to work towards an inclusive community which supports and understands to a greater degree, the challenges and fears of people with a learning disability

Stage 1 of the project would be to assemble a core team people with a learning disability who would be interested in making the film, then to work with them to explore the topic, through interviews, story-telling, animation, reconstructions etc. Essex County Council’s Travel Training Manager, Jackie Brewer is also part of the core and Brian Upton, Strategic Planning and Commissioning Officer and Dominic Lund-Conlon, Senior Transport Development Officer, Passenger Transport will act in an advisory capacity to the group.

Stage 2 will be to go out into public, access public transport, speaking to bus and train drivers, conductors, ticket vendors, crossing patrols, interview the public etc.

Stage 3 will be taking some of the key issues into schools, educating young people about the challenges facing people with a learning disability on public transport. This could be through using the DVD created with a lesson plan and additional resources to move the discussion on, linking it in with the Think Safe Materials. An advertising campaign will also be initiated which will involve adverts being placed inside buses to raise awareness of people with a learning disability and their needs.

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